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Classic FPS styled game

CrossFire is an online multiplayer first-person shooter developed by South Korean company SmileGate. The game consists of a variety of modes which you partake in by playing either a Black List or Global Risk, terrorist or antiterrorists. There are various scaling features to keep a watch on your progression.

Highly successful shooting game

In the heyday of Crossfire, in 2014, it made a big splash in the East. It was and still is a trendy game in the East, especially in China, where they have a lot of servers. However, it never did do too well in the West even after some success.

Soon SmileGate will be releasing a console version which seems to be looking very good. However, they have not done a good job in consistently supporting the current editions. Much like Counter-Strike, it has suffered from weak anti-cheating protection.

Crossfire is technically free-to-play but has a lot of the hallmarks of a pay-to-win model. The game is especially known for its variety, which makes it stand out among its classical FPS peers.

What is Crossfire?

Crossfire relies heavily on the group v group of older FPS vs PUBG style of teams or everyone against everyone. What makes it quite unique for its niche is that CF has a lot of variety from game modes to maps to customization.

There are 8 types of weapons to choose from, such as sniper rifles and SMGs. The weapons allow you to dispatch your enemies. There are over twenty modes of play with the developers constantly adding more. Team Deathmatch is the classic group vs group. The other stand out ones is the sheep mode where you try to gather as many sheep as possible or King where you must play minigames to achieve success.

To upgrade and customize your character, you can either use ZP based out of real money or GP which is earned in-game. Now, the game is more bent toward pay to play, so ZP takes you up faster. There is a lot of customization available, however, which keeps it fresh.

Graphics and gameplay

The graphics of the game are considerably poorer than other FPS games like Apex Legends. They still use a 1024×768 resolution and even when the game came out it was known for poor display. There aren’t any settings to help fix this; it’s the best the game can look. This factor can be seen as a plus because newer games are difficult to run on older systems.

The gameplay lags sometimes, but overall it is okay. It is ideal for older computers because it runs fine, on XP, Vista, Windows 7, and onwards to the new versions. Sometimes, the system will flag random files as hacking devices showing the inherent weakness of the software.

Unfortunately, they have very few servers remaining because the game is being played less. In some countries the systems have been shut down, meaning multiplayer may come with some lag from country to country.

Bugs, hackers, and more

There aren’t too many bugs in the system, but especially on newer computers you will for sure run into a few like “Client is changed error”. Overall, the user’s experience isn’t dampened too much by the existing problems.

The main problem is hackers. Unless you are playing privately, there is very little protection from hackers in the game. Also, pay to play players have big advantages with guns which will destroy you in a second.

Alternative games

For an older-style play, CSGO is an obvious option. While it doesn’t have as many modes as CF has, Counter Strike has more players, especially in the West, more maps, better graphics, and gameplay. Unfortunately, you are going to run into poor anti-cheating regulations.

If you are willing to stay in the free FPS realm, Apex Legends is another option. Everything is better about it from gameplay to no hackers, to amazing graphics, to the stylish combat. The main problem is it takes a much better computer to run.

A bit of fun, a few problems

When considering what FPS to play, it all depends on what you want. This one has some fun mechanics to it especially with all modes available. For those with a weaker computer, this might be cool. If not, this game is one that could be skipped in favor of newer first-person shooters.

The recent updates have been aimed at cutting back bugs with newer Windows versions and preventing hackers. As of late, the attention has not been on this game, as the company focuses on a new market, so don’t expect massive improvements.


  • Great variety of modes
  • High customization available


  • Lack of anti-cheating protection
  • One too many bugs
  • Graphics much too old

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CrossFire for PC

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User reviews about CrossFire

  • Cezar Ian Talagon

    by Cezar Ian Talagon

    i love crossfire becuse this is goog game i love cf i love cf

  • Charles Montano

    by Charles Montano

    Is easily to play and game it.I recommend is the lag because everytime that I play we have a lag

  • Lynlyn Cayabyab

    by Lynlyn Cayabyab

    im gaming this crossfire because i miss them loveyouoijojoij

  • johnjhester jimenez

    by johnjhester jimenez

    yes i think it was the coolest game and the people are so awsome if they play this game

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Best FPS available, many new mods added since release and alot of new guns!.
    CrossFire is by far the best FPS out there... The graphics are not  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Nice game to all CF Users^^.
    Its so nice game i want to download latest version..CFire


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