CrossFire 2.011

Action packed online multiplayer shooter


  • Four game modes
  • Runs on most PCs


  • Graphics a bit outdated

Very good

Cross Fire is an online multiplayer first person shooter (FPS). You join other players online for team games.

After installation, which may take a few minutes, you have to choose your Cross Fire screen name, and a character. There are three to choose from, a Russian OMOH soldier, British SAS or US S.W.A.T. member. There are also a variety of guns to arm yourself with. These menus are a bit over complicated, but it's not necessary to spend too much time there unless you want to.

Joining game servers is really simple, and once you have, you'll be presented with a list of games to join or you can create your own. Cross Fire has four game modes; the classic Team Death Match, Search and Destroy, Elimination and Ghost Mode, which is the most innovative. Here, one team is cloaked, and armed with knives, and have to sneak around to destroy a target.

Team Death Match seems to be the most popular, as it offers fast paced shooting action. The controls are typical for an FPS, and work fine. The Graphics are acceptable, not amazing, which means Cross Fire runs really smoothly on most PCs. For a free multiplayer game, it's fantastic. The sound is great, and playing is really enjoyable.

If you feel like some online shooting action, Cross Fire should fit the bill perfectly



CrossFire 2.011

User reviews about CrossFire

  • Lynlyn Cayabyab

    by Lynlyn Cayabyab

    im gaming this crossfire because i miss them loveyouoijojoij.   More

  • johnjhester jimenez

    by johnjhester jimenez

    yes i think it was the coolest game and the people are so awsome if they play this game..   More

  • by Anonymous

    Best FPS available, many new mods added since release and alot of new guns!.
    CrossFire is by far the best FPS ou...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Nice game to all CF Users^^.
    Its so nice game i want to download latest version.. CFire..   More

  • by Anonymous

    i don't know how to open it because lojin in and i dont have account on it.
    i don't know how to open it becaus...   More

  • by Anonymous

    it takes too much time to install you must prove it i wont download any program from softonic.   More